Radiothon Donors Help St. Elizabeth Nurture Babies the Smart Way

Babies constantly learn and develop, from the moment they open their eyes in the morning, to the moment they fall asleep at night. At CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth, we provide our babies with every opportunity to learn and develop in a soothing environment despite the stress of being in a hospital. Thanks to the generous contributions from our community and the support of our local Cumulus radio stations during the 2016 Miracle Maker Radiothon, we are now able to ensure “optimum infant well-being with the most innovative crib mobiles on the market.”

Radiothon donors have provided five Nurture Smart Mobiles for the babies at St. Elizabeth Hospital. The Nurture Smart Mobile was designed with input from healthcare professionals and includes exceptional safety, child development and comfort features. This new edition will provide visual and auditory stimulation, is completely cleanable, has no removable parts that can fall into a crib, and offers multiple soft sound options to comfort babies.

Parents and caregivers can choose from a heartbeat, white noise, ocean waves, a lullaby, and even classical music, depending on their preferences. The mobile even has a comforting nightlight that projects soft starlight images on the ceiling, which will soothe babies to sleep without hindering their sleep quality.

When it comes to our infants, safety and sanitation are of paramount importance. The Nurture Smart Mobile is a fully assembled product that has no lose parts that can fall into the crib. The mobile can easily attach to our cribs, and parents or nurses can pivot the adjustable arm for easy access to the baby. Plus, the mobile has no fabric or strings, so it doesn’t gather germs as easily as plush mobiles, and it can be disinfected in a flash with sanitary wipes or spray.

Thank you for donating to the 2016 Miracle Maker Radiothon with Cumulus and helping us provide our doctors and nurses with the tools and equipment they need to care for the babies who visit CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth and Jasper Memorial Hospital.


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