Miracle Story: Emily and Khale

When Emily and Khale were born premature at 32 weeks, they were immediately admitted to CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth’s NICU. With Emily weighing three pounds, three ounces and Khale weighing four pounds, 11 ounces, their future was uncertain.  After spending 42 days in the NICU fighting through collapsed lungs and chest tubes, these spunky twins were finally able to go home.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals being in this area – in Southeast Texas – serving the people of the Golden Triangle,”  said Emily and Khale’s father, Clint.

Now, the twins are living full and healthy lives! Emily participates in power lifting competitions and Khale plays football after school. Donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals stay local to help care for kids like Emily and Khale.

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