Individual Donation Fuels Child Life Program

During the 12 News Day of Miracles Telethon, donors, hospital staff, and community members spoke about the services offered at our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and what it entails to keep those services available. After hearing about St. Elizabeth’s new Child Life Program and its mission – to help children and families cope with the stress and uncertainty of being in the hospital – Crystel Conley and Donna Nell felt compelled to help. They decided to donate Walmart gift cards to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for the Child Life Program.

When Ashley Bares, Certified Child Life Specialist, found out about the donation, she was overjoyed. “I am so grateful and excited to receive this donation for our Child Life Program,” said Ashley. “The donation allowed us to purchase much-needed supplies and resources for Child Life.”

We were able to get everything from storage containers to crafts and blankets for our pediatric patients. The storage drawers will be used to organize the Child Life closet on the pediatric unit and the Child Life cabinet in the Emergency Room. Now, we will be able to store more supplies and it will be easier to find what we’re looking for. The donation also allowed us to get poster board, markers, colored pencils, crayons and construction paper. These supplies will be used “to make sticker charts to help encourage patients to reach their healthcare goals,” says Ashley. The pipe cleaners, beads and string will be used for arts and crafts projects with the patients to help normalize their hospital experience and distract from any stress or pain. Finally, the blankets will “provide comfort to our patients on our pediatric inpatient unit. Having something I can give to patients to provide comfort and normalization while they stay with us can improve a patient’s outlook on their stay and make it a less traumatic experience for them overall,” says Ashley.

Donations to Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals in Southeast Texas from individuals like Crystel and Donna make a huge impact on our pediatric services. Resources like craft activities and blankets are not reusable between patients, so we depend on our community’s donations to keep them available for the children in our hospital. 100% of each donation stays local to help us provide kids in our community with better healthcare. Many thanks to Crystel and Donna for your donation and support of CMN!

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