CHRISTUS Mom Donates Toddler Toys

Crawl, jump, waddle, scoot. Toddlers are always moving and exploring the world around them! Unfortunately, being in the hospital can restrict their level of play. When your child is confined to a bed in an unfamiliar environment, having something to play with makes a big difference.

Brandy Ousley, the mother of one of our pediatric patients, was recently reminded of the importance of donating toys to her local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. When her toddler, Callyn, stayed at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth, they spent some time in the playroom and found that there weren’t many toys for preschool kids. “We rely on toy donations from companies and individuals to fill our playroom,” said Ashley Bares, Certified Child Life Specialist. “Because so many children have access to our toys, they get loved, played with, and worn out faster than they would in a home. We are constantly seeking donations to replenish our resources as tired toys get removed from the playroom.”

When this CHRISTUS mother saw our need for toddler toys, she wanted to help so she reached out to her friends and family for support. Brandy shared her story and several people came together to donate toys appropriate for preschool-age children. About a week after Callyn was able to go home, his mom returned to St. Elizabeth with an armful of toys! The toys she donated are all plastic and will be used in the playroom by toddlers just like hers.

“I know how moms feel when their kids are in the hospital without anything to do. Even if Callyn doesn’t get to play with these toys, they will be available for other kids to enjoy, ” said Ousley.

We are forever grateful for her compassion and thoughtfulness. Thank you, Brandy, for helping us make sure our CHRISTUS kids don’t miss out on being a kid just because they’re in the hospital!

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