Autism Awareness: CHRISTUS Offers Positive Sensory Distraction

This year, CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth received a grant from Child’s Play Charity to purchase a Vecta Deluxe Mobile Sensory Station that will provide calming, drug-free pain management for pediatric patients. The Vecta is ideal for pediatric patients with autism or special needs and for those who could benefit from positive sensory distraction. This piece of equipment will be available to pediatric patients in St. Elizabeth’s Pediatric Center, Emergency Department waiting room, and Surgery waiting room. The Vecta Sensory Station turns any space into a relaxing and empowering multi-sensory room that distracts from the typical sights and sounds of a hospital room. St. Elizabeth’s new Vecta Sensory Station will include a Hurricane Tube, Four-Button Color Controller, Fiber Optic Tails, and an Aura LED Projector. Check out this short video demonstrating the effects of a Vecta already in use at UC Davis Children’s Hospital:

The Hurricane Tube is a water-less tube alive with activity. A fan drives a current of light beads up and down the tube giving an effect similar to bubbles under water. Patients can adjust the fan speed using the Ball Switch to achieve different effects from a raging torrent to a mesmerizing hovering effect. An LED light glows throughout the tube smoothly transitioning through different colors maintaining the focus and attention of patients.

The Four-Button Color Controller allows patients to choose the color that glows in the Hurricane Tube using the four primary color buttons: red, yellow, green, and blue. This is great for cause and effect work because patients can produce up to 16 different color combinations by pressing two or more buttons. The controller also controls the fan in the Hurricane Tube to turn it on and off.

One hundred Fiber Optic Tails flow in a brilliant display from the front of the Vecta machine. The plastic Fiber Optic Tails cycle through a beautiful array of colors and a sparkle effect creating a visual focal point. The tactile aspect of Fiber Optic Tails evokes calming and is perfect for fine motor development. The tails are weighted to provide just the right amount of pressure that is soothing for some patients.

The Aura LED Projector is a multi-effect projector with Wi-Fi connectivity, a dimmer function, and on/off timer capabilities. These functions can be controlled on the projector or through a convenient app. Patients at St. Elizabeth can choose to see a calming liquid effect or a tropical fish scene. Market research data shows that the Aura projector aids in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, agitation and insomnia making it perfect for a hospital atmosphere. View the calming liquid effect that can be projected on a wall or ceiling in the video below:


Thanks to funding provided by a grant from Child’s Play Charity, the Vecta Deluxe Mobile Sensory Station will help the clinical staff at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth provide a more comfortable and stress-free environment for pediatric patients with autism, special needs and for those who could benefit from positive sensory distraction.

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